In our hotels’ restaurants we bet on human talent, as we have in our team, a group of creative chefs that seek through local foods new flavors to have a genuine and high quality cuisine.
We bet on fresh, local, seasonal and organic products.
At breakfast we make all our breads, cakes, totally handmade and fresh cakes. We provide an a la carte menu with elaborate breakfasts inspired by La Cocina Colombiana.
We currently have 2 restaurants that each provide a different experience to the client.

Casa Tayrona Restaurant

The creative, fresh and local cuisine of Casa Tayrona is the result of the work of chefs and producers, who together seek to give the guest a gastronomic experience through an elaborate menu, which evokes the Colombian cuisine from an avant-garde approach, using products of first quality.
Every Tuesday and Friday we make a tribute to creativity through a tasting menu of 8 moments, where the important thing is the products of our sea, which step by step tell the stories of fishermen and farmers of the region.
We work with people from the area, knowing their land and proud of it. Each of the girls find in this family a space for learning, growth and transformation. Our team will make you feel the warmth of the Caribbean, always with a sincere smile, vibrant and full of love.

Ecohabs Los Naranjos

Restaurante Zenizha

With the influence of our Caribbean culture and the hand of our small growers, Zenizha – ancestral cuisine – is born, a contemporary proposal about the Colombian gastronomy loaded with sensations that magically, snack by snack, evoke landscapes, tastes and emotions of people who loves their land.
Our vast pantry of fresh and 100% organic ingredients, product of the proximity to the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, allows us to constantly explore and take advantage of each resource, transform it and bring it to the table in a delicate and avant-garde manner, always keeping in mind our heritage ancestral.
The Andes, the Pacific and our beloved Caribbean are united harmonically in each of our creations, thought and elaborated in detail to pay tribute to this beautiful country, our jungle and its splendor, the greatness of our seas and the nobility of our people who make our landscapes more beautiful.