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Enjoy an unforgettable moment at Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos, with a relaxing massage that makes you regain your vitality, release all tension, harmonize your body, relieve stress and feel like new.
We have different types of massage adapting to your tastes and needs, do not think twice, delight yourself with all the positive effects of our massages.

Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos

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ABHYANGAM MASSAGE : Regain your vital energy and release all your tension with our herbal-infused warm oil massage therapy. Long, medium pressure strokes will help relieve stress. 150,000 PESOS – 1: 15h duration.

MASSAGE WITH PINDA: (bag of natural herbs). Harmonize the body and soul with this ancient pressure massage where local herbs are applied to the joints of the body and the muscles for a deep therapeutic result. 170,000 PESOS – 1: 30h duration.

4-HAND ABHYANGAM MASSAGE: Transform and renew your vital energy with this synchronized massage that will balance your mind. Two therapists will take you to a state of relaxation in this deep massage. 200,000 PESOS – 1: 15h duration.

MAHRAJAH SPECIAL MASSAGE: Enjoy all the harmonizing effects of a traditional synchronized 4-hand massage, along with all the benefits of the traditional PINDA (bag of natural herbs). 230,000 PESOS – 1: 30h duration.