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cabecera aruhaco

Tour Aruhaco

The Aruhacos are indigenous to Colombia. They are Chibchan-speaking and descendants of the Tayrona culture, concentrated in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Arhuacos live in the upper valleys of the Río Piedras, Río San Sebastián, Río Chichicua, Río Ariguani and Río Guatapuri, in a territory area in the Sierra Nevada of the Santa Marta mountains. Its traditional territory before the Spanish colonization, was larger than the limits of today that exclude many of its sites that continue to visit today to offer payment. These lost territories are the lowest parts by the steps of the mountains, lost from colonization and dependent on agriculture.


08.30 a.m. Depart from Tayrona by 4×4 vehicle

09.30 a.m. Arrival to Palmino and a walk of about one hour to reach the town of the Arhuacos

10.45 a.m. Stay at the town 1h 30min

11.15 a.m. Way back to the 4×4 vehicle and go to lunch to a really pleasant place in a beach restaurante where we recover from the walk and also take a bath in the ocean.

03.00 p.m. Way back to the hotel


  • Sándwich (Jam with cheese)
  • Water
  • Fruits
  • Coffee (breakfast)
  • Guide
  • Lunch with beer or soda
  • Daily insurance
  • Transfer from and to the hotel

PRICE: 360.000 PESOS/person – Mínimum 2 persons
320.000 PESOS/person – Mínimum 3 persons