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How to get there?

Just 5 minutes from Tayrona Park by car, in Los Naranjos beach where the Piedras River flows, we have our very exclusive boutique hotel with beautiful facilities facing the sea. This hotel takes care of detail, is in a natural environment similar to that of Tayrona Park . On the one hand is the Los Naranjos beach , on the other hand the Piedras river that flows into the same beach, and on the other hand, at the back of the hotel, is the jungle with beautiful palm trees and in the distance, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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Option 1.

From Santa Marta, Rodadero or Airport you can take a private taxi to the hotel directly. With a cost per trip, a maximum of 4 people from the city of Santa Marta of 95,000 pesos , from the airport of 120,000 pesos and from Cartagena of 550,000 pesos.
If you are coming from another place, please check the price.

Option 2.

Move to the Public Market on 12th street with 9th street . From 6:00 am , every 15 minutes, buses leave for the Tayrona PNN, the price is 8,000 pesos / person , this bus will leave you at the entrance of the farm Barlovento, when taking the bus you must indicate that you leave them at the entrance of BARLOVENTO. Upon entering the gate, they must confirm that they have a reservation at Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos and they will already tell them how to get to the hotel.

Option 3.

The hotel is located within the Finca Barlovento , which is at km 33 of the Santa Marta- Riohacha highway, just 5 minutes by car from the main entrance of the Tayrona Park . If they come from Santa Marta they should be attentive to a sign that is at the height of a curve in the road where it says “ Casa Barlovento ” following that detour they will enter the farm. When entering the gate they must indicate that they have a reservation at Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos and they will already indicate how to get to the hotel.

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