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Harmonizing your body, Relaxing, revitalizing, and letting go of worries through a pleasant massage is your goal in our paradise.

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ABHYANGAM MASSAGE : Reclaim your vital energy and release all your tension with our herbal-infused warm oil massage therapy. Long, medium pressure strokes will help relieve stress. 150,000 PESOS – 1: 15h duration.

MASSAGE WITH PINDA: (bag of natural herbs). Harmonize the body and soul with this ancient pressure massage where local herbs are applied to the joints of the body and the muscles for a deep therapeutic result. 170,000 PESOS – 1: 30h duration.

4-HAND ABHYANGAM MASSAGE: Transform and renew your vital energy with this synchronized massage that will balance your mind. Two therapists will take you to a state of relaxation in this deep massage. 200,000 PESOS – 1: 15h duration.

SPECIAL MAHRAJAH MASSAGE: Enjoy all the harmonizing effects of a traditional synchronized 4-hand massage, along with all the benefits of the traditional PINDA (bag of natural herbs). 230,000 PESOS – 1: 30h duration.