Senda Hotels …

… in its eagerness to contribute to the community where the hotels are located, it carries out several social and environmental actions that promote the well-being of the region and its inhabitants, having special focus on the sustainability of these actions and the effective impact on the population with few resources.


Actions Performed

On December 14, Las Pleyades Agency delivered the following works at the Jose Maria Cordoba campus of La Revuelta school, in order to contribute to the education of the country and contribute to the San Rafael community in the city of Santa Marta.

The adaptation of one of the sanitary batteries was carried out and a new one was installed. The bathroom tiles were changed and two sinks were added, new doors were also installed for each of the toilet cubicles and new drain pipes were installed.
The dining room area was adapted, completely changing its ceiling. In turn, the facade of the entire school was painted giving it a better view.

These works were aimed at optimizing the infrastructure and, therefore, at improving the conditions in which children and young people receive their classes there.